Husband Wife Owned

Searles on Fifth Ave is into the details - and the big picture.

Owned by husband and wife team, Darin and Michelle Agnew, Searles on Fifth Ave offers a well-versed menu from fresh-caught salmon, hand cut steaks and fluffy quinoa to deep fried handcrafted onion rings and ground onsite burgers - and an amazing selection of 76 tap lines. Much like Darin and Michelle's partnership, Searles on Fifth Ave weaves their two backgrounds into a versatile and robust-with-passion tapestry to create simplicity, excellence and casual, warm hospitality.
And damn good food.

Darin grew up in the local restaurant industry and spent many of his early years launching restaurants along the East Coast with his specialized team. Even during his career in home and road construction, he often would cook generous portions of full flavor for the crews. In addition to family-owned restaurants he helped launch in the greater Stillwater areas, he most recently managed some popular corporate locations in the greater St Cloud area. Do not let Darin's down-to-earth and casual demeanor fool you - he is professionally trained chef. He is known for his love of large charcoal grills and festival cooking - and his heart for youth organizations and the elderly.

Michelle was raised in the tourism industry off Lake Superior and has yet to have an event plan that doesn't make her smile. Warm hospitality, community engagement, quality presentation and a love for what makes people tick light her fire. Her background is rich in marketing, event planning, catering management, and simply loving on people. She is fiercely passionate about the plating details and flavor combination, as well as ensuring events allow the organizer to shine - and exhale. Michelle's allergy is the reason you will not see green peppers anywhere in the building -which is why the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich is a beautiful color combination of other peppers! She shares Darin's heart for generosity; and noticing what is needed in the community and quietly acting on it.

When not on-site, Darin and Michelle and kids can be found volunteering for local organizations, hosting grill-outs while camping, putzing with the never-ending home-blessing projects, or just crashed on the couch watching NCIS and MASH reruns....unless someone knew where the A-Team DVDs were hid.
They welcome you to their home-away-from home: Searles on Fifth Ave. This is not an industry for the faint of heart. They know they are a little crazy - and crazy for their craft, their staff, their beautiful building, and for YOU to have a great time.

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