We value our staff. Let us repeat that. We value our staff. You ARE essential.

It does not matter what role you fill in the Searles on Fifth Ave family: dishes, bartending, general manager, prep cook, chef, host or event family of our paid staff. We care, and we are vested. This may look like we actually ask what you did on your days off or we (ahem...Darin) sneaks your kiddos ice cream when you bring them in, and you are not looking. We want to know where you volunteer. And what is your favorite snack. It means we will leave you notes, reach out to check on you, and will fiercely defend your being "ESSENTIAL" in this current climate. We will train you to achieve success.

In return, we ask for the same.

Be invested. Participate. Show up to work on time and perform a consistent job well done. Care about your co-workers and our customers. There is no BOH is better than FOH at Searles or vice versa. We are a team. We all have a shared goal.

We expect excellence. And consistency. We will hold you accountable to be AWESOME. If that is not your style and you cannot embrace the shared goal, that is absolutely okay! We just might not be a fit for employment. And yet, we can still offer you a beer or a favorite menu item when you stop in.

For more details on employment, please complete an application.